, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja

Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality

Stories about how Nigerian youths are constantly being harassed and exploited by SARS operatives seems to be a never-ending tale.

, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja
Angry Nigerian Youths Protesting Against SARS Harassment

In a bid to fight against robbery, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was created in Nigeria around 2006.

Fortunately, they (SARS operatives) have been able to reduce the extent of robbery and kidnapping in the country.

However, over the years, the people put in office have also been able to tarnish the image of the agency following cases of extrajudicial killings, torture, harassment, intimidation, ill-treatment of detainees, and extortion of suspects.

This led to the emergence of the #EndSARS movement that Nigerians have continued to rave about.

The #ENDSARS Campaign is bigger than me,it’s bigger than @segalink , @RuggedyBaba @citizen_gavel . We must all come together support them and take our country back.
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— JthaZeus (@jwhitepm) August 6, 2018

Although, it seemed as if the Federal Government had heeded to the citizens’ plea to do something the branch of the Nigerian police under the criminal investigating department (CID) in 2018 after many years of turning a deaf ear to everyone.

SARS somehow managed to resurface and are now worse than before.

Osinbajo’s directive

On August 14, 2018, the-then acting president, Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, stated his spokesperson, Laolu Akande, ordering the Inspector General of Police to shut down the unit “with immediate effect“.

Sadly, the body could only be rehabilitated and not scrapped, the Vice President saw that SARS was rebranded under the FSARS name, to be handled by the office of the Inspector General of Police.

Internet Fraud, also known as Yahoo Yahoo

The situation of the economy has also not been fair on Nigerian youths, who opt for alternative means to succeed at all cost, some end up going in the wrong direction.

The government, in turn, intend to reduce the rate of fraud cases in the country.

Mostly university students and graduates are most times the culprits behind this crime and they are widely known to be “tech-savvy”.

SARS method of identifying yahoo yahoo

Youths are no longer safe if they have dreadlocks, piercings, cars, laptops, expensive phones, unrefined means of dressing and expressions because they will be harassed and exploited by security operatives who are supposed to protect them.

Things u cannot do in lagos without sars harassing you:
Wear fine cloth(dress like @wizkidayo )
Dreadlock ur hair
Have a tattoo
Having a flashy fone
Carry a laptop bag even without having a laptop init

— KłNG VłZ¥ (@adeyemmyvincent) December 3, 2017

A story about a Nigerian photojournalist, Yinka Badmus made headlines after he was arrested on December 31, 2018, by the anti-crime agency because he had dreadlocks.

The young man was said to have been remanded at Ikoyi Prison by the Lagos State Police Command Anti-Cultism Unit for 14 days before being released with reported health issues.

Yinka Badmus has been detained at the Ikoyi prison since Dec 31st for having dreadlocks. He hasn’t committed any crime, and they are preventing his family from seeing him. Please retweet and share until it gets to the relevant parties @ayosogunro pic.twitter.com/wuYgfyUU0Q

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A young man, Toni Astro went viral after he took to Twitter to narrate his experience with SARS in Ketu, Lagos which happened on Saturday 28th September.

, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja
Toni Astro

Toni Astro was arrested simply because he is a software developer.

A software developer has to work with his computer system.

The man was apprehended and taken to the station where he was accused him of being a perpetrator of internet fraud, alias yahoo yahoo, because of his laptop even though he had his identification card.

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His ID clearly stated that he is a student but he wasn’t allowed to reach out to his relatives.

Afterwards, they beat him and forced him to go withdraw half of the money in his account for them.

This news sparked outrage among Nigerians especially tech leaders, who were left with no other choice than taking legal action against illegal arrests of software engineers to protect their own.

I grabbed a bike via one of the bike hailing service in Nigeria from Abiola gardens to Ketu. So I could get a BRT from there home.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

They asked for my phone and I unlocked it and gave them. They told the bike guy to end the trip and go. So they gave me my phone to pay the guy from the mobile app. After 20 seconds they said I’m going with them to the station.
And I was like what station?

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

And I’m like 1 million?? Where would I get that from. I told him I’m no what you think. I’m a software developer at this company. He said everything na yahoo yahoo still. He physically harassed me on the bike still. To every onlooker on the street, I was a criminal or some sort.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

They collected my bike which contained my laptop, watch charger, phone chargers and office jotters. As soon as they saw the laptop, the other policemen there said you’re the one spoiling the economy. They told me to open it and immediately I did.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

These guys took off my hoodie, and dragged me to the cell, locked me up with no proof or evidence that I was what they claimed me to be. I asked that I make calls, and they said that would be after I write my statement. One of them came to me and asked that I pay 500k.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

The beatings continued from about 4 police men, I requested that I called my relatives or anyone and they didn’t let me, One said I’d sleep in that cell till Monday except im ready to confess what I do for a living.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

I already told them my dad was sick, and I was on my way home to help out . I told them 80% of the money was for dads treatment and the rest for my transport to work everyday. I explained the whole case to them. They said they don’t care about his health. I must pay them.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

They requested I bring half of the money in my account for them, stating (man must chop). I just wanted to leave there, and I didn’t want it to be dark. It was about 5pm already. I then asked if I could just transfer instead of going to the bank to withdraw.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

I left, went straight to the station to get the money. It was late, I couldn’t tell anyone to lend me a phone when I looked all battered. I got to the ATM, I couldn’t even think straight to get the correct pin. I got the money and took the bike back to the station.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

I packed all my things, collected my watch and left the station at about 6pm. I’m home and safe now, but today still feels like a dream. I was physically harassed for no reason and paying someone or a group of people for no reason out of the money I worked for.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

I’ve been hearing people’s experiences and most of them complaining about not having an ID card. I had an ID card but they chose not to see it. All they wanted to hear was me accepting their accusation of what I wasn’t.

— Toni Astro (@toniastro_) September 28, 2019

I lived in Ogudu and witnessed something similar at that same Area H Police Command @jidesanwoolu @lagosstategov @hrw

— BEZ (@BEZidakula) September 28, 2019

The Nigerian tech community team up to fight against alleged police harassment

, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja
Bosun Tijani and Jason Njoku

On Monday 30 September 2019, the Innovative leaders launched a campaign #StopRobbingUs, to put a stop to the common practice where young people are accosted by police officers for being with their laptops, unlawfully arrested, or defrauded by asking them to pay an outrageous amount to regain their freedom.

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According to reports, the tech leaders will be working alongside ‘Enough is Enough Nigeria [EiE]’, a network of individuals and organizations that promote good governance and public accountability in Nigeria.

The campaign, which will be led by ‘Bosun Tijani of CcHUB, Jason Njoku of iROKO, Iyin Aboyeji of Future Africa and Oluyomi Ojo of Printivo, among others, have teamed up to request for the intervention of the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensure the safety of youths who work in the technology sector.

A fundraiser has also been launched by Flutterwave to raise money for a legal intervention and public awareness programme, which has already seen donations trooping in from across the globe.

No one should be afraid to go out with their laptops and their gadgets. For over a year we’ve asked the government to #EndSARS!

We need to come together to stop the harassment and extortion! Enough is enough! #stoprobbingus

— Big Odun Energy (@OdunEweniyi) September 29, 2019

In the meantime, Nigerians begin to express their worries on how they will move about to avoid getting harassed by the operatives.

Apparently JP Morgan sent an email to their staff in Nigeria asking them not to carry their work laptop to and fro from work because of SARS. So disappointing to hear

— Ladi Onanuga (@LadiOnanuga) October 5, 2019

Father Lord, I’m an entrepreneur that provide digital business support services to companies, I do software, web, digital marketing and general IT consulting, I even do crypto on the side, pls save me from these robbers called SARS and the Nigerian Police. #EndSARS

— Chinonso (@nohrix) September 29, 2019

I told a SARS officer I am an Architect hence my laptop, he said
“Una go sha find name to give una self, wetin you know say be Architect, when last you use your eye see Architect?” Fam, I weak.

— Izu (@the_buull) October 9, 2019

Me trying to explain to African elders and Sars that keeping high hair as a guy doesn’t make me irresponsible, wayward or a yahoo boy, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9jahttps://t.co/2wlyPnkjIG

— 9jaSavage., Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja (@_iamRemy_) October 13, 2019

In another post, a man was filmed dangling down the edge of a 2 storey building in Agege, Lagos State after allegedly being chased by SARS operatives

According to reports, the officers refused to help him when he was dangling so he lot his life.

Nigerian Sars at it again.
I’m Tired already, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja@segalink @SubDeliveryZone @UrbanCulture16 pic.twitter.com/sNG00zQUJj

— 9JA STREET LAMBASSADOR (@updateboyz_) September 30, 2019

In April, a video clip which went viral on Twitter showed two officials of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force beating a young man with a big stick for allegedly refusing to unlock his phone.

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The man was accused of being aYahoo Yahoo boy” simply because of his appearance.

“I Know My Rights, You have no Right to Search My Phone” – Young Nigerian Guy Cries Out As SARS Police Officers Mercilessly beat Him Up All bcos He had 2 phones and Refused to Unlock the Expensive one, they seized it, told him to Come to Alagbon FCIID to Retrieve, Pls RT #Endsars pic.twitter.com/gHz2FFWXl9

— Gossip Mill Nigeria (@GossipMillNaija) April 12, 2019

Lagos is not the only state where people have been attacked as a video showed a man bleeding after he was shot on his leg.

SARS again in Onitsha they shot this guy on the foot just because he refuse to follow them into their van
Please Nigerian government stop killing my brothers
stop killing IGBOS
stop killing BIAFRANS
enough is enough@MaziNnamdiKanu @UN @AmnestyNigeria @amnesty @Amaka_Ekwo pic.twitter.com/sqnPwfxSFp

— kevinaj Kayz (@kevinaj_kayz) October 3, 2019

Another heart-wrenching story from a Nigerian youth


My friends name is Tunde and he’s not on Twitter.

He’s an Uber Driver who takes traveling trips outside Lagos most times to balance up for his weekly deliveries.
So On Monday he got this Trip to drive some boys to Ibadan. He chose not to go through the Ibadan Express

— ★Your Elder Bro★ (@spanzyitunes) October 9, 2019

arrested all of them. He showed them evidences that he’s an Uber Driver and even showed them his Uber App but he didn’t use the App Cos he’s traveling to another state.
They refused to adhere to all his proofs of being a Driver & even those boys told the Police Men that he’s a

— ★Your Elder Bro★ (@spanzyitunes) October 9, 2019

to shoot him.
He slept in the Cell for Two Nights and said the boys in the cell were even advising him, that if he had anything to give them, he should give them and leave her because they usually walk in and Kill anybody they want to Get Rid off.
While in their custody,

— ★Your Elder Bro★ (@spanzyitunes) October 9, 2019

an Alert Of N150,000 Came into his phone. They asked for N120,000 and he asked if he could transfer the funds to them & they refused. They sent him to a nearby POS to withdraw the money. That’s how they extorted N120,000 from him
Please is there any way to get his Money back, Extorted Software Developer, Others Team Up To Fight Against SARS Brutality, All 9ja

— ★Your Elder Bro★ (@spanzyitunes) October 9, 2019

Tunde doesn’t involve himself in any Illegal activity. I’ve known him for two years now and he’s been an Uber Driver for as long as I’ve know. He’s a Part Time Student Of Lagos City Polytechnic (My Coursemate) and we just paid our last school fee!

— ★Your Elder Bro★ (@spanzyitunes) October 9, 2019


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