, 5 things RMD said about playing the role of Dr. Phillips in ‘Love is War’, All 9ja

5 things RMD said about playing the role of Dr. Phillips in ‘Love is War’

Omoni Oboli got RMD on her new film, ‘Love is War’ and the veteran actor has so much to say about his role.

Richard Mofe Damijo plays the role of Dr. Phillips and a governorship candidate in the upcoming film, ‘Love is War’.

The actor spoke about his experience on the set with Yemi Blaq, Uzor Osimkpa, Omoni Oboli, and Akin Lewis among others.

‘Love is War’ tells the story of a loving couple who were torn apart by their political inclination. The couple, Dr. and Mrs. Phillips, become sworn enemies after they emerged the flagbearers of two opposition parties in the state.

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In a recent chat, RMD opened up on his experience on the movie set.

1. Reason for taking up the role

RMD revealed that he loved the precedent upon which the film is set and the intrigues that unfolded in the film are some of his reasons for taking up the role of Dr. Phillips.

s new film, 'Love is War'.[Pulse]">
RMD reveals why he took up the role of Dr. Phillips in Omoni Oboli’s new film, ‘Love is War’.[Pulse]

In his words: “I think I love the precedent upon which the film is set, you know, it’s very unlikely that husband and wife will be the major, you know, gubernatorial candidates for two, you know, for the two political parties in the state. And I like the dynamics of the fact that the wife is not from the state. But by marriage, she automatically becomes, you know, from my state. And so because it is in my state in the film, it is my state that the contest is and my people felt, after she got the nomination for her party, my people felt that they shouldn’t be nominating or electing somebody, not from my state. You know, it’s funny when it comes to politics, then marriages don’t, what marriage brings together don’t count as it were. So the people, my people came to me to tell me to run for the same office. And that’s how a family loving family was split right down the middle and love became war.

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2. Filming hours were challenging

For the veteran actor, the filming hours were the challenge he had to face during the shoot of Omoni Oboli’s ‘Love is War’. RMD noted that he loved the energy on the set of the film. “I always love the energy on set, especially when there are young people, the girl who played my daughter, I was working with her for the first time. She’s an amazing talent. Always thrilled to work with people like that. For me, the challenge for doing this film was the hours, the hours are very tedious.” Continuing, he said, “And there were venues that we needed to be in only after everybody else has closed are going home. And sometimes we have to start shooting by 11 pm. And we’ll wrap up in the morning. So the hours were a bit tough, but the energy is always good when the people who you’re working with love their job. And for me, anytime I’m doing this work, I don’t call it to work. So it’s easier for me to bear even when the hours I bit tedious.”

a 10 point agenda on his vision for the state. [Instagram/Loveiswar]">
RMD plays the role of Dr Phillips, where he released a 10 point agenda on his vision for the state. [Instagram/Loveiswar]

3. My involvement in politics helped my role

The former commissioner in Delta state admitted that his political affiliation in real life helped him carry out his role better. He said being in politics for eight years helped him carry out the campaign part better. RMD said: “It helped me. Having been in politics for eight years before it helped. I wouldn’t say that it didn’t help at all because I know what soapboxes are like, I know what campaign the campaign trails are like, I’ve been on campaign trails. I’ve spoken at campaigns and all that. So it was nice. And don’t forget, I am also a trained theatre artist. So we love to be able to stand up and just declaim in front of an audience. And that was what it was it was a campaign, even though he was a reluctant candidate, what when he got onto his when he found his groove like they say he just wrote on like a steam engine.

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4. Working opposite Omoni Oboli

RMD noted that featuring alongside Omoni Oboli in the film, ‘Love is War’ was an interesting journey. He said fans haven’t seen the actress and director in this light before. “You’ve never seen Omoni Oboli like this before. Ever, ever, ever, ever,” he said.

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, 5 things RMD said about playing the role of Dr. Phillips in ‘Love is War’, All 9ja
‘Love is War’ sees RMD acting opposite Omoni Oboli as husband and wife. [Instagram/loveiswarthemovie]

5. Memorable scenes 

The Nollywood hunk for over 3 decades also admitted to having some memorable scenes. However, he refused to give a clue about these memorable scenes. He said, “I have more than five memorable scenes, but I won’t, I won’t let the cat out of the bag like this. You need to see this moment this film, you need to see this film. You know, you need to just see the film the dynamics of how you two people on opposite sides and they have to sleep in the same house or being in the same space after all that agreement. It’s amazing. You just watch the movie, and then you can thank me later.”

Written by Chinaza Onuzo, ‘Love is War,’ an Inkblot Productions and Dioni Vision universe project also features Jide Kosoko, Akin Lewis, Bimbo Manuel Toke Makinwa, Shaffy Bello, Femi Branch, Uzo Osimkpa, Yomi Black, Damilare Kuku, and William Benson.