He's one of Nigeria's shining lights in the design industry and now Emmy Kasbit has revealed the lookbook for his incredible SS19 collection.
Emmy Kasbit is one of the foremost Nigerian designers we have an 2018 has certainly been his year. From winning a design grant with Fets wallet to showing at Fashion Week. Now, Emmy Kasbit reveals directional SS19 lookbook and it’s a must see.
According to the creative director of the label, Emmanuel Okoro:
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This collection was birthed through a nostalgic journey into the past; a journey which has enabled me to discover a future. One of the fondest memories of my existence was my early 20s, a period of my life where Calabar was a place I called home. And a place that gave me this gift that is the Emmy Kasbit brand.
I visited Calabar in January and a wave of past feelings came rushing through me. It was clear to me that this place I once called home was where I wanted to reach deep into and create what would be my new collection. Calabar being so rich in culture and beauty, mental pictures weren’t enough. These grandeurs had to be seen. So, I set out to document my journey. Of the past I love; of a place I called home; of the friends, and the celebrations, and the high of being young. Calabar, for 5 years of my life, represented absolute freedom.
This has shaped who I am, and whom you’ve come to know. Nothing in this collection was left to chance. Every detail represents a feeling, memory, sight, and destination. Wild colors run through the collection, which symbolizes the rich culture of Calabar.
The four major motifs are the zig-zag motif which represents the waterslides at Tinapa Waterpark where people go, mostly, during the weekends to have fun. The comb motif represents the idea of a traditional marriage. The fingerprint motif is from the palm structure at a garden that plays host to lovers. All these are celebrations that I wanted to capture.
The fourth motif is a combination of an anchor, brick wall and 1890 designs. The anchor design is a symbol of the Marina Resort anchor. The brick wall and 1890 designs represent the missionary building and the year of construction – it served as protection to slaves in Old Calabar. This was an added layer that meant security to me. It was also, a sense of fragility I depicted by the use of shiny sheer fabrics.
These inspirations, also, led to the creation of anchor pendants, and comb-inspired pieces of jewelry which are used as buckles. And silhouettes comprising of flared sleeves reminiscent of my young, wild days. Having carefully curated the content of inspiration, the design process was smooth. There was certainty in every piece that has been created; a certainty of love in where I was, where I am, and where I am going to.
As I journey, I implore you to journey with me and share in this new birth of memories.

Brand: @emmykasbitCreative Direction: @onyinyefafiobiPhotography: @AdebayophotographerMakeup: @SutchayModels. Ronald Agbazagan, Oyewale Bajulaiye, Rebecca Fabunmi


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